The Commune (@Medium)

South LA
Project type:
Design hackathon
Project duration:
5 hours
UX Designer
Louisa Garcia, Lauren Johnston, Elnaz Mirzadeh
Tools used:
Sketch, Whiteboard, Markers
Visit Project:


On April 27th, I participated in the 2018 SOLA/HACK design hackathon for South LA. Our overall goal was to apply design and systems thinking to the challenges facing the local South LA community, resulting in a prototype or a pitch for a solution. We had five hours to accomplish this.

There are many issues facing South LA, but the ones my team and I resonated with most were the current food desert status, the rise in housing costs leading to homelessness, and the rampant gentrification.

Our challenge then was: how might we empower communities so they may secure affordable housing, food and financial stability?

Read more about it on Medium.

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